"A comforting birth companion"

 A Note from Hannah...

As a doula, my purpose is to support you emotionally during your pregnancy journey. I will make myself I will make myself available to you prenatally by helping you formulate a birth plan that not only meets your needs, but also makes you and your partner feel comfortable. When you have questions, call me! I will help you come to conclusions by helping you sort through the latest evidence based information. I want you to keep me in the loop about your pregnancy, to let me know how things are progressing, and to help you through the emotional steps you may need to take to prepare for your baby’s arrival. During labor, I will tag team with your labor partner to ensure that you are never alone. We will try different positions and methods previously discussed in our prenatal appointments. I will remind you that this is your birth and that no matter what you decide, I will be there to encourage you and support you in the best way possible. I will never advocate on your behalf, but will remind you and your partner of your desires, and support you as you advocate for yourself when communicating with your healthcare provider(s). My role on your birth team is emotional, physical, and always non-medical.

Contact Me

Email: soothingcurrents@gmail.com

Phone: 704-747-4363


Anywhere in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

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